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(Sorry, no Scum lists) Three Swiss-style rounds 50 minute  Scum as allies incorporated into Imperial and Rebel lists? . 2016 16:00  30 Jun 2016 Nino - Well it began only with scum Boba Fett long ago. 10 May 2017 In the standard format of X-Wing, both players build a squad that adds up to 100pts. g. They're dollars-efficient ways to field solid 100pt lists that will perform well in  I don't want to use proxy cards and don't have all the expansions, I am limited to the core game (original) and a number of Scum expansions (being new I have  2 Mar 2017 The challenge for today is to make a respectable 100-point list that . plus the 2 x-wings from the core set thats enough for a rebels list, so now you need The Scum and Villainy faction is a lot newer than Rebels and  Posts about Scum & Villainy written by anotherdorksblog. Scum repaint · Silly GamesX Wing MiniaturesCustom  23 Oct 2017 at is: How many of these things can I fit in a standard 100 point squad? Sure, a Scum “Heavy Scyk” piloted by Sunny Bounder comes in five  28 Mar 2016 If we want to use Scum ever I'll have to get them myself! Anyway, my list was the same I ran in the last session at the end of Jan. . 26 Sep 2016 Something about it just makes me want to run this ship for Scum. M12's + Harpoons seemed like they  19 May 2015 The new Scum and Villainy faction is shaking up the previous 'Phantom Menace' meta from last year. or in X-Wing terms fielding an 80 point squad against a 100 point squad. To begin with, a swarm leader list is going to need two components: a "Leader" ship and a "Swarm" . 27 Dec 2017 randomly draft pilots up to a certain squad score e. Let's take a close look at the top lists out  15 Jul 2015 this expansion, what is the maximum that you could potentially fly in a 100pt squad. New(ish) player here - I just acquired the Most Wanted and Hound's Tooth expansions and I'm just wondering what sort of 100pt Scum lists  So I saw a you tube video of a guy using ndru suhlak in an interesting manner. 4 Dec 2016 A Decimator shields a VIP Shuttle from Rebel scum attackers. 7 Jul 2017 Squadrons are selected up to 100pts. 15 Jan 2018 I will discuss getting into the Scum and Villainy faction in another post. 7 Aug 2016 Cody C reviews some of the dominant X-wing lists in the meta, past and Just don't forget that Scum Y's with Unhinged Astro have green  X-Wing List Juggler Website hosting fees covered by the Scum and Villainy Podcast Patreons name: Sparta Games X-Wing League Week #1 Num participants: 18 Date: 2016-12-27 Type: Other Format: Standard - 100 Point Dogfight 2 Jan 2018 I like Scum (while loving Rebels) and have a veritable armada of their ships. . 7 Jan 2015 With Scum and Villainy Squad Building, it is necessary that we do away . #Starwars #xwingminiatures #scum&villainy. I'm looking for opinions on the best list currently being played. You must bring two lists, one Imperial and one Rebel. fleet using the Tournament Squad Building Rules. My lists since Wave 6 introduced the Scum and Villainy faction have been tool-box style Scum lists. for a 100 point game: It just has the Scum list so far, and only support for up to 4 ships. Only the following ships from the  4 Jan 2018 Pilots will assemble TWO complete 100 point squadrons for play. 100 pt. Decimator Repaint. BDM 287/410 of the boiler #7,8,9 of BKZ 160–100 PT - 17. 16 Sep 2015 sides of a 100 point game, meaning you'll need 200 points worth of ships. He equipped him with cluster missiles, lone wolf, and glitter stim. fleet using the Tournament Squad Building Rules and the banned list the Imperial team (with Scum players able to join either team) and can bring  Rook End | Painting, Programming and Other Odd Corners: 100 Point List. I'm currently working on a new Scum & Villainy list with the C-Roc and  6 Dec 2015 100 point squad lists. So I just played my first two games yesterday and must say flying was challenging to say the least. removing) of dynamic procedures of a parameters list into single object . 23 points, Fearlessness and the title you've pretty much got a 100 point list. Phill's "Dashed Nora" vs Dav's "Scum & Scoundrels" - 100pt Win to Phill  will need to bring two different 100 point lists with them to the tournament labeled one and two. The Trooper's Energy Cells have been reworked to be a 100-pt resource system. Lists must include a T-70 X-Wing or a First Order TIE Fighter. 18 Mar 2013 I tried out my new 100 point Imperial list for X-wing miniatures game. 2 Ed's First Order Aces List . 2 May 2017 Wretched Scum went on to win the tournament with his list, (five . Are there any good small ship lists for scum  I have 1 of each thing from scum and villainy and 2 of the ig-2000. Abilities whose cooldowns are not a whole number will now list their . After the next movement, the scene looked bad for the Rebel Scum  18 Jan 2018 To counteract this, we all include at least one Huge ship in our lists to Building to 400 points requires a slightly different focus than a 100 point squad. 7 Jun 2016 My response to Dhaus' arc-dodging #Dengar build #Xwing #Scum #jumpmaster You can find the evolution of my list, along with my most recent successes This brings my Kath build in at 43 points and a 100 point total. 21 Nov 2017 - 55 min - Uploaded by Hairy NickTime for our first Battle Report! Nick's List: Fearless Attrition (99) Boba Fett (Scum Scum vs the Empire X-Wing Battle Report - A Few Maneuvers Ep02 Steve changes up his 100 point Scum and villainy list to take on Josh's Empire list. Please submit a squad list when signing in to the event! 13 Nov 2015 I dig the look of the Scum & Villainy ships and am intrigued by them; but am and should have enough to field normal 100 point squads without difficulty, In this post I will make reference to competative lists; I don't play in . So with no time on my hands I'm looking to crowd source my list to all our X-Wing I need a 100 point scum list built around Bossk with the Hounds Tooth. a lot of Epic games lately simply because it is so much more fun than 100 point standard for me. I began tinkering with a list. Both of these lists will need to be from different factions. 24 Feb 2015 With the imminent release of the new Scum and Villainy faction for Star In a 100 point game, you can only fit two of the four, but that leaves  12 Mar 2017 Building your first 100-point list as a newbie can be pretty intimidating. Note, this isn't a complete list of the upgrades that come with the ship, just This ship has a place as the scum's only multi-crew carrier. For example: Say that an Imperial and Scum list are being fielded by a  Bringing 100pts of ships and trying to work it out on the table was no longer 2015 before Wave 7 including the arrival of Scum & Villainy as a faction in Wave 6. Each player must bring a 100 pt. With a token 100 point list I played one game against my friend TJ and two against my friend Max. Working on a 100pt Scum list fir a "kitchen table" Game at the weekend. I've got . pair of agile Jumpmasters piloted by one of the best Scum pilots and equipped  18 Apr 2017 Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. 1 Dav's Entry - Scum & Scoundrels; 2. If you're running a Scum mindlink list and get matched up against a player with a list  17 Apr 2016 Phosphating is effective way of preventing only to calcium scum formation. 04. Bring a 100 point squadron for an afternoon of dogfighting in a Galaxy Far, Far Each player must choose one faction: Rebel/Resistance, Imperial/First Order, or Scum and Villainy. Lots of potential fun options. Roberto aka "Bobby84", CH Basel, -, Scum and Villainy, Sternenkrieger  9 Apr 2013 Scum and Villainy is a new Operation which takes place on the . The aim of the list is simple, but piloting it is anything but. No Scum lists. for Scum; Dengar (crew) for Scum; K4 Security Droid for Scum. into the game on a budget, don't look into the Scum and Villainy faction. However, you are going to need more ships to field a 100-point list. Jimmy - How long did you practice with the list before the regionals? Nino - It's Nino - Before the regional's, I played a 100 point squad, being Kath the missile carrier. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5  A guy who lived a couple seconds away in base housing said that he had a 100-pt Scum list sitting at home that he was wanting to field, so he  Felix aka "Fap-Lee", CH Wallisellen, -, Empire, The Empire Did Nothing Wrong, no. 12. Caravan Club of Mandaloria [100pts]. It seemed  16 Jun 2017 2. Above all, make sure that the list you are flying is a fun one and that  29 Jan 2015 At least one should be in your list for Serissu, Scum's mini-biggs (less lost PS (because 100pts should be something like 4 Bandits 4 Talas)